What are the commonly used earth leakage protection devices

Post Time: 2024-03-27 15:26:12

一、what is the leakage protection device

Leakage protection device is a kind of electrical equipment used to detect whether there is a leakage of electricity in the circuit and cut off the power supply in time to protect personal safety. Leakage protection devices are widely used in home, community, commercial and industrial electrical systems.

二、The commonly used leakage protection device.

1.Leakage protector

Leakage protector is a traditional leakage protection device. It detects ground faults and the risk of accidental electric shock to the person and quickly cuts off the power supply in the event of an abnormal situation. Compared with other types of earth leakage protection devices, earth leakage protector has the advantages of fast response time and long service life.


RCCB is called “residual current action protector” and is also a commonly used earth leakage protection device. It mainly detects the residual current in the circuit to prevent the occurrence of leakage accidents, effectively avoiding personal accidental electric shock accidents. Compared with the leakage protector, RCCB has better discriminating performance and is suitable for accurate detection of small leakage current.


RCBO full name “residual current and short circuit overcurrent protector”, is a set of leakage protection and overload protection as one of the multifunctional protector. It is mainly through the detection of leakage current and overload current in the circuit, double protection of personal safety and electrical equipment. the advantages of RCBO is high sensitivity, anti-false action performance.

三、How to choose the right leakage protection device

Selection of a suitable earth leakage protection device needs to consider the following factors:

  1. the rated voltage and rated current of the electrical device.
  2. the environment and risk level of the circuit.
  3. the action sensitivity and false action rate of the earth leakage protector.
  4. the response time and service life of the earth leakage protector. 5. factors such as cost and cost-effectiveness.
  5. factors such as cost and cost-effectiveness.


The role of earth leakage protection device is to protect personal safety, the selection of suitable earth leakage protection devices need to consider a number of factors. Currently, the commonly used earth leakage protection devices on the market mainly include earth leakage protector, RCCB and RCBO. In the process of use, be sure to follow the provisions of the correct wiring and regular testing and maintenance.



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