Where can i buy cable ties and how to choose them

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Ties offline can usually be purchased at places like stationery stores, office supply stores, supermarkets or hardware stores. These stores usually have tie wraps available for retail sale to meet the varying needs of consumers. You can also find a large number of tie sellers and buying channels by searching the Internet for “ties for sale” or “ties to buy”.
A tie is a type of band used to secure or protect items, usually made of plastic or metal. It is widely used in a variety of applications, such as office, home, and industry.

Nylon cable ties application areas with the development of the economy, the progress of socialized mass production, the application range is more and more extensive, almost involved in all areas of application. Therefore, the manufacture of nylon cable ties manufacturers are also increasing year by year, but technology, quality and so on are very different, good enviable flooded the entire consumer goods market, as a user of nylon cable ties, but also need to have a basic knowledge of the purchase of reference to buy the most suitable for their own, to meet the needs of the application of the most cost-effective, value-for-money nylon cable ties products!

1.Nylon cable ties concerned about the first point: the appearance of quality (that is, the naked eye can recognize the quality)

General plastic products will have missing edges, missing material, burnt, silver wire, bubbles, deformation, shrinkage and other defective products. These are also easier to show on nylon cable tie products, which must pay attention to the meticulous view of its appearance, although some of them do not constitute an impact on the use, but still induces the threat of potential quality accidents.

It is worth emphasizing that the key part of the nylon cable tie is the quality of the tooth belt part and the head tooth cavity, which is very critical, so the tooth belt part should be carefully observed, there can be no residual teeth phenomenon, the top of the inner surface of the tooth cavity can not be like stepping on the mold deviation traces, or else, a large number of slippery teeth will not be able to use the difficult to penetrate the situation, almost the same as the waste products, can not be used.

These problems are to pay careful attention to, such as the simple phenomenon of the edge, should be too large, then the teeth inserted into the tooth belt part of the tooth surface and the tooth head of the tooth groove does not fit tightly it is easy to loosen the slip teeth.

Conventional law is that all products, excluding special requirements, the color of the product is the best, this is the axiom. Good nylon ties should be bright and clear, even if the color is slightly yellowish is not a big problem, can not be turbid black. The material is also related to the quality of a key, plastic through the screw many times high temperature melting shear action, its molecular structure will change.

Especially for the production of nylon cable ties raw materials PA66, more obvious, nylon excellent abrasion resistance, tensile makes in the tie this product can be rich in applications.

The most important assessment of the nylon tie is the focus of its decoupling force, applied to a certain strength, whether it is broken, or anti-tooth, head crack, how to break the law must be above the rated value of the tensile force, for some users, the quality of the tie is not good also partially related to the specifications selected, can not be paranoid that the tie is not good quality, because a specification of the product’s standard value of tensile strength is the use of the bottom of the state, the Requirements of the tensile force is very large, more than the standard force exceeds the standard. When the use of the state requires more than the standard force is very large, can not be guaranteed, can only choose to replace the tensile specifications of the product to replace the higher, of course, the cost will rise, which is no way out of the matter. Of course, the good quality of the tensile knot is flexible, good toughness, there will be no direct breakage of the cross-section, and will not be brittle. This also allows for a greater range of applications to meet the tension requirements of the user, and thus the possibility of cost reduction.

nylon cable ties

Ties are a common fixing and encapsulation material used in electronic and electrical communications, automotive, aerospace and other fields.

The production process of ties is described as follows

Firstly, the production of tie requires raw material – Nylon 6 material. Nylon 6 material has good abrasion resistance, aging resistance, acid and alkali resistance, tensile strength and other characteristics, very suitable for the production of dry tie. The raw material goes through a process of external polymerization of raw materials to remove impurities and impurities and improve the quality and process performance of the material.

Next, the raw material is fed into an extruder for heating and melting. The extruder continuously rotates, agitates and heats the raw material to melt it into a liquid state and extrudes the molten material through the extruder head. Controlling the output die head allows the width and thickness of the tie to be controlled by adjusting the size of the die opening. At the same time, the zipper tape can be made to have certain strength and hardness by the core material inside the die head.

After extrusion molding, the zipper tie enters the cooling process. The hot-melted zip ties are transferred to the cooling chamber via a conveyor belt to quickly cool and cure the zip ties. The cooling water in the cooling chamber improves the hardness and strength of the ties and ensures the quality of the product.

Next, the cooled and cured ties are cut to the desired length by a cutting process. The cutting process requires precise cutting equipment and cutting knives to ensure that the ties are cut flat with no breaks or burrs.

After cutting, the ties are fed into a hot pressing process. The hot pressing process utilizes high temperatures and pressures to heat and melt the ties to form the fixing points. By adjusting the hot pressing time and temperature, the degree of fusion of the ties can be controlled to ensure that they can bind objects securely.

Finally, the ties are inspected and tested through the quality control chairs. The appearance quality, dimensional accuracy and tensile strength of the ties are checked to ensure that they meet the relevant standards and requirements. Qualified ties will be packaged for transportation and sale.

In short, the production process of cable ties includes raw material treatment, extrusion molding, cooling and curing, cutting, hot pressing and quality inspection. These processes require specialized equipment and technology to ensure that the cable ties have good quality and performance. The production process of cable ties not only needs to strictly control the quality of each link, but also to ensure the production efficiency and cost reduction to meet the market demand.



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