High quality ATSQ2 Series 4P Intelligent Double Power Automatic Transfer Switch

CJQ2 dual power automatic transfer switch (hereinafter referred to as A.T.S) for 50Hz / 60Hz, the rated operating voltage is 380V (3P, 4P), and the rated current is 10A~1250A (double loop power supply system). It can convert the normal power and reversed power automatically to ensure the reliability of the power, mainly for high -rise buildings, shopping malls, fire pumps, smoke fans, elevators, life water pumps, accident lighting and other places.

Product Features

Internal accessories: shunt release, undervoltage release, auxiliary contacts, alarm contacts
Product function: automatic power switch and overload, short circuit protection, etc.
Product performance: The switching time delay is adjustable, and the action time is accurate
Product use: metallurgy, construction, military and other two-way load occasions
Product structure: small size, compact structure, short arcing, high breaking
Product frame: 63, 100, 225, 250, 400, 630, 800, 1250
Product current: 6A-1250A
Number of product poles: 3, 4
Product standard: IEC60947-6, GB14048.11
ATSE: CB class

Model Number: CJQ2
Max. Current: 12500A
Max. Voltage: 400V
Product name: Intelligent double power automatic transfer switch
Rated current: 6~1250A
Poles: 3P/4P
Warranty: 1 Year
Material: Class CB
Handle: YES
OEM: Yes
Type: Mould Case Circuit Breaker
Package: Standard Export Packing
Express: DHL,TNT, EMS, FEDEX or as your request
Certification: CE
Whether the smart: Yes
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China


Model:ATSQ2□-□/□□ATSAutomatic Transfer Switch
QCB Level
2Design Sequence
(R)Automatic Conversion & Recover(S)Automatic Conversion & Not Auto Recover(F) The grid to the generator
Maximum Current
Poles: 3P、4P
Rated Current

1、LCD Screen
3、Right Shift Button
4、Value Increase
5、Value Decrease/Alarm
8、Both Off


Product model

ATSQ2M-63/3P63A1 PC
ATSQ2M-63/4P63A1 PC
ATSQ2M-100/3P16-100A1 PC
ATSQ2M-100/4P16-100A1 PC
ATSQ2M-225/3P100-225A1 PC
ATSQ2M-225/4P100-225A1 PC
ATSQ2M-400/3P225-400A1 PC
ATSQ2M-400/4P225-400A1 PC
ATSQ2M-630/3P400-630A1 PC
ATSQ2M-630/4P400-630A1 PC
ATSQ2M-800/3P630-800A1 PC
ATSQ2M-800/4P630-800A1 PC
ATSQ2M-1000/4P1000A1 PC

Normal working condition and mounting conditions

1.The installation altitude not exceeding 2000 meters.
2.The upper limit of the ambient temperature is not higher than +40°C, the lower limit of not less than -5°C, 24-hour average does not exceed + 35°C.
3.Atmospheric relative humidity in the ambient air temperature is + 40 °C not more than 50%, at lower temperatures can have a higher humidity, condensation products should take into account the surface of the humidity change.
4.No explosive medium, the medium does not enough to corrode and damage the insulation of gas and dust.
5.No significant shake and shock vibration


Automatic power switch (hereinafter referred to as switch) for AC 50Hz, rated working voltage 380V, rated current 63A-1250A dual power supply system, with automatic or manual operation complete the handover common power supply and standby power supply. The switch is mainly used for important occasions, hospitals, shops, banks, chemical industry, metallurgy, high-rise buildings, military installations and so on.
Basic structure
Automatic power switch mainly by the power converter to perform circuit breaker composition, there are three state switching positions for users to choose: the common power supply (N) together, double points, standby power (R) together, the switch has a small size, light weight, stable easy to use and so on.



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