DIN rail dual relay module 2P 4P CjQ5 four-pole dual power automatic transfer switch

Din rail Dual Relay Module 4P 63A 100A ATS four pole Power Metering automatic changeover Switch It,s suitable for 3 phases 4 wires (or 1 phase 1 wire) dual power grid with AC 50/60Hz, rated voltage 400V/230V and rated current up to 63A. When one power goes wrong (only test normal Phase A voltage and reserve Phase A voltage, only test loss voltage or loss phase),it will automatic connect one or several load circuits from one power to the other power automatically, to ensure normal power supply of load circuits. The automatic transfer switch conforms to IEC60947-6-1

Rated Current: 16A 20A 25A 32A
Material: DMC Copper Silver
Number of Pole:2/4P
Type: CB, Din rail Ats Automatic Changeover
Standard: PC Grade CCC certification CE certification
Warranty:2 years
Rated voltage: 230V/440V
Color: White/Black
Action time: less 1s
Model Number: CJQ5-125
Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China

The dual-power automatic transfer switch (ATS) is a newly developed miniature household power transfer switch, is mainly used to test whether the main power or reserve power is normal.
When the normal power supply is abnormal, the reserve power supply will start work immediately to ensure continuity, reliability and safety of the power supply. It is specially designed for household rail installation for PZ30 distribution box.
The ATS is suitable for emergency power supply systems of AC50 or 60Hz and rated voltage 400V. It is featured with firm structure, reliable transfer, easy installation and maintenance, and long life, is widely used in places where frequent power outage is not allowed. Both electric and operation and manual operation are available. The ATS is composed of TES and controller
According to the standard GB/T14048.11 Part 6-1: Multiple function equipment – Transfer switching equipment, we can know that ATS is the most suitable low-voltage switchgear and control device
External dimensions.


NameDin rail Dual Relay Module 4P 63A 100A ATS four pole Power Metering automatic changeover Switch
nameDual power automatic transfer switchOperating Voltage220V   380V
model numberCJQ5/2P/4P/Operation methodautomatic / manual
frequency50Hzelectric current16~32A
Electrical gradePC classConversion time30MS
VoltageAC400VUse categoriesAC-33iB
StandardsGB/T14048.11Conversion methodATSE
ModeATS-63AATS-100 A
Rated current le A16 20 2580 100
Insulation voltage UiAC 690V, 50Hz
Rated voltage UeAC 400V, 50Hz
ClassClass PC: can be manufactured and withstand without generating short-circuit current
Use categoryAC-33iB AC-33B
Measuring rod2P4P
ElectricalService life:2000 times;
Manual operation:5000 times
Rated short-circuit current Iq50kA
Short-circuit protection device (fuse wire)RT16-00-63A
Rated impulse withstand voltage8kV
Control circuitRated control voltage Us: AC220V, 50Hz; normal service conditions: 85%-110%Us
Auxiliary circuit2 relays and each has two sets of contact converter, contact capacity: AC220V 50Hz Ie=5y
Contactor transfer time<50ms
Operation transfer time<50ms
Return transfer time<50ms
Power off time<50ms


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