Mechanical Shear Bolt Lug Haplopore

Mechanical connectors are designed for use in LV and MV applications. The Connectors consist of a tin-plated body, shear-head bolts and inserts for small conductor sizes. Made of special aluminium alloy, these contact bolts are shear-head bolts with hexagon heads. The bolts are treated with a lubricating wax. Both versions of contact bolts removable/ irremovable are available. The body is made of a high-tensile, tin-plated aluminium alloy. The internal surface of the conductor holes is grooved. Lugs are suitable for outdoor and indoor applications and are available with different palm hole sizes.


Torque terminals are specially designed to handle the connection between wires and equipment.
The unique shear bolt mechanism provides a consistent and reliable stopping point. Compared with traditional crimping hooks, it is super fast and super efficient, and ensures a consistent predetermined shear moment and compression force.
The torsion terminal is made of tin-plated aluminum alloy and has an inner groove-shaped wall surface.
The notable feature is that it can save labor and enhance the electrical and mechanical performance.
▪ Material: tinned aluminum alloy
▪ Working temperature: -55℃ to155℃ -67 ℉ to 311 ℉
▪ Standard: GB/T 2314 IEC 61238-1

Features And Advantages

▪ Wide range of applications
▪ Compact design
▪ It can be used with almost all types of conductors and materials
▪ Constant torque shearing head nut guarantees good electrical contact performance
▪ It can be easily installed with a standard socket wrench
▪ Pre-engineered design for perfect installation on medium voltage cables up to 42kV
▪ Good over-current and anti-short-term current impact capability


The terminal body is made of a high-tensile tin-plated aluminum alloy. The terminal is suitable for outdoor and indoor applications, and can provide different  size specifications.

Features and advantages of mechanical lugs and connectorsFunction
Wide application range and strong versatilityFor example, three specifications can cover 25mm2 to 400mm2 conductors.
The body is made of high-tensile tinned aluminum alloyAnd it can be used with almost every type of conductor and material.
The bolts are made of special aluminum alloyGood contact characteristics, can realize the connection between the copper conductor and the aluminum conductor.
Compact designOnly need a small installation space, especially suitable for large-scale applications.
Tubular spiral design inside the body to improve contact performanceExcellent electrical performance.
Centering hole and insertThe conductor oxide layer is split.
Constant torque shear head nutThe plug-in piece adjusts one size of the connection or terminal suitable for more types of wires.
Lubricated nutThe inserts help the conductor to be better centered and will not deform the conductor when the bolt is tightened.
Special features of mechanical terminals
Long handleWith extra long length, it can be used as a moisture barrier
Horizontal sealing is suitableSuitable for indoor and outdoor applications


▪ No special tools are required for installation, only a socket wrench is needed for installation;
▪ Each type uses the same reduced length, including the provision of inserts;
▪ Hierarchical fixed torque scissor head nut design to ensure reliable and firm contact;
▪ Each connector or cable lug has a separate installation instruction;
▪ We recommend using a support tool (see attachment) to prevent the conductor from bending.

Selection Table

Product modelWire crosssectionmm²Size (mm)Mounting holesdiameterNumber of BoltBolt Across FlatAF(mm)Peeling length(mm)
BLMT-800-13(custom made)630-8001801056140.513419118
BLMT-800-17(custom made)630-8001801056140.517419118
BLMT-1500-17(custom made)1500200120654617419130

Torque Terminal

TYPE  Cross section range
Number of Contact boltsBolt head size(mm)Plate hole size(mm)Length(mm)Inner Diameter(mm)Outer Diameter(mm)

The installation tools you required:
▪ Hexagon socket in correct size of A/F
▪ Ratchet wrench or electric impact wrench
▪ Highly recommended use the fixture for supporting the cutting bolt in case of conductor bending

Installation Guide

  1. Choose the correct size of the terminal according to the product selection guide. Check and verified it has the same wire size as which marked in the cable and the terminal.
    unscrew the shearing force bolt till it has rooms for cable to insert.
  2. The conductor shear end uniformity. the peel length of the conductor which should be cut referring to the recommending guide.
    avoid to cut the conductor.
    3.Inserting the conductor at the bottom of the torque terminal carefully.
    4.Tighten the shear bolt, fixed the conductor to the terminal. the tighten the bolt from 1-2-3
  3. To tighten up the bolt by the ratchet wrench or electric impact wrench, put on the strength in order from 1-2-3, first alarming phase, to apply the torque 15N.m in order from 1-2-3.
    to apply the torque 15N.m in order from 1-2-3 at second time, to apply the torque till the bolt head be cutted in order from 1-2-3 at third time.
    Repeat the cutting process till all the bolts down, and must be cutted from 1-2-3. Make sure to fix the terminal in the cutting process.
    Make sure has the enough torque, the battery is in high gear. check the cutting results and remove the lubricant oil remained.


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