Y-Branch 2-Way Parallel Connector with Extension Cord for Solar Panel

It is suitable for various harsh outdoor environments such as deserts, lakes, seasides, and mountains (climate environment with high temperature, high humidity, and strong salt content). It is an important part of the solar system. Good connection quality ensures the long-term and safe operation of the photovoltaic system and effectively reduces the failure rate of the photovoltaic system and the later operating costs.

Product Description

● TUV/UL/IEC/CE Certified & 25 Years Product Lifetime
● Compatible With 2000+ Popular Solar Module Connector
● Protection IP67 For Outdoor Waterproof & UV Resistance
● Quick And Easy To Install & Long-term Stable Connection
● Contact Now , Quote Online & Support The Free Samples
●Solar panel extension cable is used for safe and simple series or parallel connecting solar PV modules, inverters, or solar power plant systems.
● The connector design has long-term stable electrical contact performance.

● Contact with drum-type crown spring, make electrical connection safety and fastness.
● Self-locking between the female and male connector, installation conveniently and reliably.
● Ratchet mechanism desigh to lock the nut cover, avoid being loosened after long term using.
● Contact resistance less than 0.35mΩ with Multi-Contact, less heating and low power consume.
● Strong ageing resistance and UV resistance, suitable for use in multiple harsh outdoor environments.

Solar Cable 2 To 1 PV Y Branch Connector With For Solar Pv System Solar to 1 Parallel Adapter Y Branch Parallel Adapter

Serial No.ParameterParameter
1TypeSolar Fuse Connector
2Rated voltage1000V / 1500V DC
3Rated current2A-45A
4Test voltage8000V(50Hz,1min)
5Temperature range-40°C …+90°C
6Upper limiting temperature+105°C
7Degree Of ProtectionIP2X/ IP68
8Contact resistance of plug connectors0.5mΩ
9Safety class
10Contact materialCopper, tin plated
11Insulation materialPPO
12Withdrawal Force/Insertion Force≥50N/≤50N
13Locking systemSnap-in
14Flame classUL-94-V0


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